front 600We count it a great privilege and honor each week to have a voice in the life of your student(s). We take very seriously the charge that we have been given as influencers over this generation. We all know that the teenage years are some of the most difficult.
Research shows that it is during these years, the vast majority will choose “whom they will serve” and that decision will have great impact on their future. It is our commitment to you as a ministry that we will teach and model the transcendent truths of the word of God each week here in UNIFIED STUDENT MINISTRY also known as UNIFIED.
We will not water down or manipulate the message to fit the culture, but rather build a Biblical foundation that will withstand life’s storms.
We will welcome students each week with open arms and will do our best to help them find not a house but a home. Here in UNIFIED STUDENT MINISTRY you will find passionate praise, the preached word and deep ministry. Although there is no greater voice in the life of a teenager than that of a parent, we are truly thankful for the small part you allow us to play.
We look forward to seeing your student(s) soon!

“Love God–Love Students–Serve Him”


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